Are you ready for someone to take a look at your manuscript? Got a piece of writing that just isn’t working for you? Need someone to ready a book for publication? Or do you need someone to help you organize blog posts, journal entries, family histories and genealogical research into a cohesive narrative?

As your editor, I see your final product; I nourish it and help it grow as ‘your’ manuscript, with ‘your’ voice. 


If you are desperate to tell your story and do not know how to get started, or if you are not sure of your writing ability, you might need a ghostwriter. The key is to find the right person who will guide the story in the right direction and make sure ‘your’ voice is honored.

My specialty is helping you, or your organization gather, collate and discover the story. My services include completely writing the story for you from start to finish, or, I can help coordinate and guide your storyline. Some individuals or organizations need suggestions for a framework or shape for their narrative. A ghostwriter is simply a guide to finding your voice and the story you need to tell.  I work behind the scenes or with you collaboratively. It is your choice. 


Sometimes we just need a push to start our process. A voice guiding you to get your bottom in the chair, pen to paper or finger to keyboard. A writing coach is just like a personal trainer for your writing. As your coach, I can face to face video conference call with you on a weekly basis, or we can meet in person in the Austin area. My coaching service is a great way for you to get started on the work you need to do to finish your book.


Manuscript reads for copy and content editing range from $450-$1000 per reading.  Some clients chose to pay by the hour, and we can talk about that if this is your preference, but I don’t advise it. In my experience, it’s best to pay per reading. I will always read your work twice (at least) and give you a markup of the manuscript and a detailed analysis of where the work can be deepened and expanded. But, if you chose hourly, rates begin at $35 per hour.

Ghostwriting coaching, and project management services prices range from $50 – $100 per hour depending on the length and breadth of your needs.  If you need a manuscript created from scratch as a ghostwriter – I do suggest a project fee. Most book projects take three to eight months, and the average cost is $12,000 – $20,000.

Please send me an inquiry, and we can discuss in detail your project and my service fees.

Our publishing house receives thousands of manuscripts a year. We have a plethora of clients from various cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. As a ghost-writer and editor, we found Ms. Moore to be professional, courteous, respectful and possessing a unique talent. Her clients have a sense of comfort as they work with her to find and create the perfect narrative. She has instinctual insight as to how to connect with writers. We recommend her services to anyone seeking a ghostwriter, editor or project manager for their memoir.

Tony Tingle, Managing Director of Memoirs Books, United Kingdom

Katherine Moore is one of the best editors I’ve worked with in Austin. Her comments are considered and reflect an in-depth understanding of the project. She meets deadlines, and it is a pleasure meeting with her to discuss a manuscript.

Sue Cleveland, Middle Grade Author, Austin, TX