Twelve (12) independently published memoirs with non-disclosure agreements in place.

Published Acknowledged Works

“I first met Katherine 6 years ago when she was residing in the UK. I was told by many people in my life that my story was worth telling. But I am dyslexic and writing it all down seemed too hard. After just a few initial meetings, I built up the confidence to start telling her about my life. In the past, I had found this very difficult to do, but I felt a sense of ease with her. And with that, we decided to write my memoir. I found Kat very easy to talk to and before I knew it I had poured my heart out. Throughout this often-painful experience, Kat became more than just the writer; she became a very good friend. She never judged or offered advice. She asked me questions and guided the story to its natural end. When somebody writes your story, it’s important that they listen to you and write down what YOU have said, not what THEY think you have said. She did just that, and my words came out on the page – it was my story. But she helped me tell it. This takes a lot of time, patience, and understanding of which Kat has all three. All my life, I have been told to seek a therapist or a psychologist, but this book gave me a true sense of peace. And accomplishment. I felt safe with Kat. The result was my story in print. It’s something I can cherish, and my grandchildren can read it and know me. I would recommend her to anybody who is thinking of writing their memoir.”

Anna Rosenburg, co-author of Who Am I Really? The Autobiography of Anna Rosenburg, published by Memoirs Books, UK, October 2011

Acknowledged Edited Works

“Katherine Moore was amazing to work with. Her work ethics are impeccable. Her insight and advice helped me to take my book Whispers from Above to the next level. Her critical review and editing were concise, insightful and detailed. I am looking forward to working with her on my next project.”

Felora Ziari, author of the acclaimed book of poetry, Whispers from Above: Answers for a Wailing Heart

“Katherine has instinctual skills. She brilliantly marks your words and ideas for needed attention, but greater, she feels them and pushes you to feel them too, so that they remain true and able to provide experience and authenticity for the reader. This is her gift, and I am grateful for it! You will be too.”

Mark Elder, chaplain and author of Into the Heart of our Humanity

“Katherine helped me transform a set of rambling journals, old letters, and personal observations into a full-blown fictional trilogy. She taught me the difference between the writer’s and reader’s perspective, and her criticism was always clear, direct, and germane.”

Lee Lowry, author of If You Needed Me, Judge Not, and The Lost Horse

Articles for Another Day in Paradise – Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Always proficient and engaging, Katherine could be counted on to do her homework and wrote equally well about history, culture, food, sports, travel, as well as personal essays. With her insatiable curiosity, she brought the content alive and could find the human story in any situation. A thoughtful writer and a reliable team member, she tackled whatever writing task we threw at her with equal aplomb and created lasting stories that are still being read a decade later.

Catherine Krantz, Publisher, Another Day in Paradise magazine, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo-Mexico