• “Even after having several ‘writer’ friends read my spiritual memoir, I had been stuck for a couple of years on how to fix its problems of being too linear a story. I learned from a friend about Katherine’s reputation as ‘the best book editor’ in Austin. After she had reviewed the manuscript, she showed me how to restructure the narrative and make the book not only accessible to the reader but deeply powerful. I never dreamed a professional editor could make such a difference. If I could stack praise like stones, the tower would be as high as Everest!”

    April Coldsmith, Writer and Chaplain, San Marcos, TX
  • “Katherine coached me through the final process of editing my book before it went off to the publisher. She went right to every place I, silently, felt unsure about. Her input was invaluable in bolstering my confidence and her edits and suggestions improved my text beyond its original form. She is one amazing editor! She has a gift for putting the finishing touches a project.”

    Ginger Blair, author of Knowing - A Spiritual Memoir of Healing and Hope
  • “Katherine is not only a gifted writer; she is the only person I hire to proofread my scripts. I recommend her not only for as an editor but also for her professionalism and advice. Her skills and knowledge have been of immense help to me. She is wonderful to work with.”

    Edward Santiago, screenwriter, finalist at Shriekfest Horror Film Festival 2014 & 2015 and receiver of the Official Selection at the Oaxaca Film Festival 2015
  • “Katherine Moore assisted me in cleaning up and reshaping a finished book, a memoir. She was most useful in eliminating unnecessary verbiage (usually the author’s favorite sentences) and in getting the tone of the narrative more balanced. She also made very useful restructuring suggestions, all of which I took. The result is a much better book, and I am most grateful.”
    Harvey Mudd, author
  • “Katherine took an unruly pile of neglected poems and gave them a home. As she worked with the poet she separated completed ideas from unfinished ones and encouraged structure necessary for the creation of a lovely book. After she finished editing, she selected a printer who created a charming and memorable book. Kat has a gentle way of coaxing the dreamer into becoming a writer. She has an editor’s eye wrapped up in a sympathetic heart. You wonder where to go with your memories and sensibilities? Katherine can take you figuratively by the hand and make yesterday’s memories turn into today’s prose. She helps the writer remember what’s most important: the feelings and observations from yesterday that become the nuanced clarity you need to write. Kat has an amazing talent because she doesn’t step on your memories but rather gives them room to breathe and flower.”

    Abby Kenigsberg, wife of the poet Ken Kenigsberg, author of "The Brown Cow"
  • “Katherine worked for me for six months as a collector of memories for The Trinity Centre Oral History Project. The Trinity Centre has been a church, a music venue, a derelict homeless refuge centre, but through restoration project funding, it now serves Bristol as one of its most thriving community centres. Ms. Moore visited with over fifty people collecting their memories of Trinity Church. She met with all sorts: old and young, churchgoers, music lovers, martial arts experts, theatre directors, refugees, and anarchist punk rockers. Her interviews revealed distinct personalities all influenced by an icon of Bristol architecture. Everyone she interviewed opened up to her and told more than we thought possible. Our project is now a living, breathing part of the history of Bristol.”

    Edson Burton, Director, The Trinity Centre Oral History Project-Bristol, UK
  • “Pop is 87 years old and has had Parkinson’s for seven years. It has ravaged his abilities to communicate with the outside world. Mrs. Moore immediately grasped his unique ways of making himself understood. She was a part of our family for a six-month period. Diligent in her research and patient with us all, she helped to archive our family history. More to the point, our father felt a sense of ease and comfort with her. His disease was not the obstacle we thought it would be when he first said he wanted to write his autobiography. Through her interviews and the time spent with our father, she discovered a wealth of family history of which we were not aware. Her skills as a ghostwriter helped to lead us to the realization that Pop’s positions in the court of public opinion were not something to shy away from, but something to be celebrated. Mrs. Moore was the perfect fit for our family and our father.Our father told his story to the best listener. She did not transcribe, rather she captured his ravaged voice and made his story come alive for all the generations of our family and the generations to come. We recommend her to all families wanting to tell their stories.”

    UK Ghostwriting Client
  • “I loved working with Kat on my book. As a writer working on my first manuscript, showing my “darlingto someone for the first time was nerve-wracking. Kat is my favorite kind of collaborator. She offers a firm, but gentle perspective, while putting the writer at ease. She was protective of my voice and story, and her edits brought a balance and clarity I couldn’t have achieved on my own.”

    Curlin Reed Sulivan- author of the forthcoming memoir, "Where's my F**king Cake, Bob?"
  • Katherine has instinctual skills.  She brilliantly marks your words and ideas for needed attention, but greater, she feels them and pushes you to feel them too, so that they remain true and able to provide experience and authenticity for the reader.  This is her gift and I am grateful for it!  You will be too.

    Mark Elder- author of Into the Heart of our Humanity.
  • Katherine Moore was amazing to work with.  Her work ethics are impeccable.  Her insight and advice helped me to take my book “Whispers from Above” to the next level.  Her critical review and editing were concise, insightful and detailed.  I am looking forward to working with her on my next project.”

    Felora Ziari- poet and author of - "Whispers from Above: Answers for a Wailing Heart".
  • After just a few initial meetings, I built up the confidence to start telling Kat about my life.  In the past, I had found this very difficult to do, but I felt a sense of ease with her. 

    I found Kat very easy to talk to and before I knew it I had poured my heart out. Throughout this often painful experience- Kat became more than just the writer, she became a very good friend. She never judged or offered advice – she asked me questions and guided the story to its natural end.When somebody writes your story it’s important that they listen to you and write down what YOU have said not what THEY think you have said.  She did just that and my words came out on the page – it was my story.  But she helped me tell it.  This takes time, patience, and understanding of which Kat has all three.

    All my life, I have been told to seek a therapist or a psychologist, but this book gave me a true sense of peace.  And accomplishment.  I felt safe with Kat The result was my story in print.  It’s something I can cherish and my granddaughter can read and know what my life was like.

    Kat and I completed the book right before she was moving back to the USA.  Not only did she help me get it published, she also promoted the story in her spare time.  and I would recommend her to anybody who is thinking of writing their memoir.

    Anna Rosenburg- author of "Who Am I Really?"
  • Our publishing house receives thousands of manuscripts a year.  We have clients from all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.  Mrs. Moore managed to help with her unique ability to communicate with a varied clientèle.  As a ghost-writer, we found her professional, courteous, completely respectful and possessing a unique talent to allow the storyteller tell the story in their own voice.  She gives her clients a true sense of comfort as they work together to find the perfect story.  We recommend her services to anyone seeking a ghostwriter, editor or project manager for their manuscript.

    Tony Tingle - Managing Director of Memoir Books, United Kingdom
  • Katherine Moore was a features writer for my magazine over several years and completed a wide assortment of assignments across multiple genres.  Always proficient and engaging, she could be counted on to do her homework and wrote equally well about history, culture, food, sports, travel, as well as personal essays.  With her insatiable curiosity, she brought the content alive and could find the human story in any situation.  A thoughtful writer and a reliable team member, she tackled whatever writing task we threw at her with equal aplomb and created lasting stories that are still being read a decade later.

    Catherine Krantz- Publisher of 'Another Day in Paradise', Zihuatanejo, Mexico
  • Katherine Moore is fast, funny, honest and utterly thorough. Her content edit challenged us to look deeper into our characters and the overall plot of ‘Shrouded’. “

    Meredith Lee- author of 'Shrouded'